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about Amanda:


Date of Birth:August 10

Model from:Hays

Place you would love to visit:I've been to Paris on vacation, I've been to New York to model, next is London for sure.

Favorite things:Music, books, films…. I enjoy nature and animals too (but I am not a “crazy rustic girl”), and I’m also fond of shoes, summer, and of course my friends and my family.

debee wrote: More than anything else, reasonable model rates depend on the local availability of suitable models!
rburdett wrote: I had a shoot with James yesterday at sussex studio. Good communication before and throughout th shoot, and can give direction really well. He knows what he's looking for and is a nice, chatty, respectful photographer who i would reccomend to all models and look forward to working with him again soon :)
beatniks wrote: Of this bunch, I like No. 3. I prefer the hair that way. I'll defer to the other critic on issues. To be honest I didn't labor over them. Of the three images, that one caught my eye the quickest and I consider it a pleasing image -- so in that sense it works well.
roseanna wrote: If I was in a position to consistently pay models, I'd love to be able to have the greatest possible range to choose from, and to know when various models would be in the area. Naturally, I might not be able to hire them all, but I'd rather be spending my time choosing from options than trying to track down possibilities.
worm wrote: 3rd row: image 1 (because it's not as good as the one from the same series in the row above. Although if you need to cut another at a later stage I'd cut 4 - nice concept but doesn't really showcase you) BTW, the headshot in this row is a really beautiful image so I've listed it in my eyes list.
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