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about Hannah:


Date of Birth:February 5

Model from:Jessup, MD

Place you would love to visit:New Yoooooork

Favorite things:My Polaroidcamera. To see the developing-process of the polaroids right after I take the shot astonishes me.

lee wrote: Thank you for your feedback - I did worry that 3rd person sounded wanky, but I took advice and it would seem to be the norm.
simon06 wrote: This one is close - nice use of backlighting, wardrobe and setting are good. Pose woould have been good without the guitar, but since all but the fretboard (term?) are hidden, it's akin to having a tree growing out of your head. If you have a shot of this with you turned to face the camera a bit, so we can see the guitar, I think you may be where you need to be here.
lee wrote: these are all per hour and I will consider discount if you would like longer then 2 hours.
ladyny wrote: The second one has a more dynamic pose. Looks like everybody has a different reason, but number two is the clear winner!
carolini wrote: She reminds me of Ali Michael.
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