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about Lucy:


Date of Birth:April 16

Model from:Bartlett, NH

Place you would love to visit:Cambodia and New Zealand

Favorite things:My boyfriend, friends, family and shopping.

rogelio wrote: December 2011 - I stand by my previous reference. Monis is a delight to work with. She continues to impress!
elaine-130 wrote: Thanks
canopy wrote: You're welcome! I know that it's sometimes hard to get detailed feedback on here, so I like to help out when I can. Also, just for clarification, please don't take anything as an insult with me mentioning that something looked like beginner work. We all start somewhere, so don't feel like you need to remove an image if it's not perfect. You can't get a perfect image (if such a thing even exists) without lots of practice and examination . . . it's a process of practicing, shooting, studying what you got, and then doing it over and over again. I have photos in my portfolio at this very moment that I know I'll delete as soon as I can get a decent replacement. My feedback was intended to be part of the studying.
quicklime wrote: Not sure if it was possible but a seperation light, camera left, behind the model would have seperated her hand with the rose, it has been lost to the background, this is always a problem with black on black, one of the trickiest things to lite.
aburdette wrote: 1.
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